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New Trimlight Edge

For Every HolidaySporting Event, or Any Special Occasion. Trimlight’s new controller has tons of new benefits! User-friendly app with cutting-edge technology! Program millions of colors, patterns, and animations.

Ability to access your lights from anywhere in the world!

Trimlight Edge

Trimlight Edge colors, patterns, and music options. A simple video showing some of the patterns and features of the Trimlight Edge controller.

Getting Started With Your New Trimlight Edge App

Below are a list of videos to help you get connected with the new Trimlight Edge app!

Make Your Home Shine With Our

Channel Options

The channel requires a tape measure, screw gun, tin snips, speed square, and screws. Each house has different construction depending on where you live. There are multiple types of channel to accommodate most of any construction.

From any location and benefits

Down Lighting

Trimlight North Star offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses. Trimlight North Star gives the same appearance with the added benefit of being able to install the downlights anywhere on the building.

Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses. Designed to mimic traditional soffit/canned lighting products, Trimlight gives the same appearance with the added benefit of being able to install the downlights anywhere on the building as they are surface mounted so they can easily be placed at any location without having to cut out space or hardware. The downlights are also programmable to millions of different color options and can be used separately from Trimlight for accent or security lighting.

Program and customize your

Accent Lighting

With Trimlight’s cutting-edge app, creating accent lighting is as simple as tapping a couple of buttons on a smartphone device to pick any color and spacing options needed for elegant, ambient accent lights all year long. Customers can program and customize their accent lighting to meet any unique need based on the style of their home or business.

Increase Visibility & Attract Customers

Commercial Lighting

Trimlight offers a great commercial lighting solution to help businesses increase visibility, attract more customers and enhance brand recognition. With the user-friendly app business owners can customize color patterns to match their business brand and logo and create thousands of different animated patterns to attract more customers to their location. Trimlight’s commercial system is also energy efficient and cost-effective for year-round use with minimal repair and maintenance requirements.

Celebrate the Holiday all-year long

Holiday Lighting

Trimlight North Star is the original inventor of permanent, programmable holiday and year-round lighting. Trimlight’s patented system provides bright, beautiful lighting at night that is hardly noticeable during the day. Trimlight’s cutting-edge app allows customers to program their lights to celebrate every major holiday all year long. Customers can also customize their holiday patterns with 16 million color choices, thousands of patterns, and hundreds of animations. The system also comes with preset holiday patterns for ease of use and a scheduling program that gives homeowners the ability to schedule their holiday lights months in advance, setting the days and times for their holiday patterns to turn on and shut off. With Trimlight you can set it and forget it.

Elegant Backyard Lighting

Patio Lighting

Trimlight North Star provides elegant backyard lighting for patios, pergolas, awnings, deck railings, and more. With the user-friendly app, homeowners can program lighting for every holiday, sporting event, and special occasion or set the lights to a warm, ambient setting for enjoyment all year long.

your lights from anywhere

Spacing Options

Choose the best spacing option for your home and your new Trimlight for a smooth installation. Learn more about which spacing would be best for your home! Get your free estimate today!

Understanding your Trimlight

Select Plus System

Our new controller app connects to your newly installed Trimlight and you can select any type of option to use. Here are some steps on how to connect your app to your Trimlight.

your lights from anywhere

Industry RGB Codes

To dial in as close to your desired color and as easy as possible. RGB Technology can be tricky. When dealing with RGB technology, there are several key things that you need to be aware of to better understand it. RGB technology on a black screen operates differently compared to RGB that does not have a black background to utilize.

Find Your Matching

Aluminum Colors

There are a lot of different aluminum colors to choose from that you can use for your Trimlight. Find the color to match the aesthetic of your home, change the colors for a specific time, and find the right color for anything you celebrate or support!